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NYC Subway Photography + Street Photowalk

Price: $199.99

When: Saturday, October 19th, 2019 8:30AM-4:15PM
Where: 200 Morris Avenue
Springfield, NJ 07081


NYC Subway Photography + Street Photowalk
Join us for a fun photographic adventure with a likeminded group of creatives! We will be photographing Manhattan's gritty and rogue underground scenes within the subway system and also at street-level around the subway's unique and timeless entrances which have been known to create iconic street photography photographs throughout time.
Beginnning the day we'll have a quick lecture on what to do and not to do to prep you for the day! We'll have multiple experts, well versed in street photography to assist you with the art of "seeing" and the art of "settings" while you navigate the day! We will encourage you to use your own creative intelligence to capture the emotions you see while adventuring through an exciting day in the city! We'll take the bus into Port Authority and then head into the subways, taking a tour down to Canal Street to capture tourism and life around Chinatown before heading back up to Midtown.
The bus fare and the cost of the followup class on Nov 2nd 10am-12pm with one 11x14 fine art print is included.

One hour lunchbreak/ free-time at mid-day.Rain date Nov 2nd.

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